PMU: High Return, Low Investment

Permanent make-up procedures, or micropigmentation treatments, take just a few minutes more than facials, but generate four times more revenue.   No wonder permanent make-up is one of the fastest growing areas within the beauty industry! Micropigmentation also gives you a decent return on investment. In fact, micropigmentation can make you financially independent. You can do your work when it suits you and implement micropigmentation in your salon or, if you don’t have a salon, combine micropigmentation with your current job. It doesn’t matter if you own a salon or offer your services to other salons as an independent specialist.

In the past decades, micropigmentation has evolved from modest permanent make-up to superior micropigmentation techniques. It’s not limited to eyebrowseyes or lips – the possibilities of micropigmentationand dermapigmentation are astonishing. Nouveau Contour plays a leading role in the development of state-of-the-art techniques. As market leader, we guarantee the highest quality and safety standards for all our products: devicesneedle modules and pigments. Nouveau Contour also offers a unique Color Identification System (CIS), which simplifies the process of choosing the correct pigment.

Nouveau Contour PMU Training

The Nouveau Spa  Academy has developed a training program that is one of a kind in the world of permanent make-up. Our extensive program and thorough teaching methods are designed to guide you to succeed as a knowledgeable and capable Nouveau Contour professional.

As part of your PMU training at the Nouveau Spa Academy, you will be given important market knowledge relating to pricing by PMU artists with many years of experience, both national and international. As an official Nouveau Contour certified specialist you can easily charge $300 to $600 per client, depending on the type of procedure and the region where you are located. PMU specialists with advanced training can even charge a higher rate.

Read more about the Nouveau Spa Academy and the courses.

Nouveau Contour: success is in your hands

As soon as you pick up a Nouveau Contour micropigmentation hand piece, you have your own success at hand. Become a professional: not just a permanent make-up specialist, but a Nouveau Contour Micropigmentation Authority.

Professionals choose Nouveau Contour.

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